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TMH 3 Year Zip

Just uploaded a zip of all the TMH content from the past 3 years,…

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How to Change Your Life

There is a prison on the moon, a very scary statue, CHINESE GAIT RECOGNITION! Thanks, google! Executive science! Twenty three lobotomies, you did it! Look at them boys go!

You have to relax. Why is no one talking about fight club? just checkin'. Do you think I'm happy these demons of fatness walk the plank? I don't care, I live in a big clock tower. the woman of my dreams cruisin on my bike. My audio mixing class friends in the 90s Tommy, Johnny & Jimmy tell her about my sweat. Can you help us? wait, no masturbate. I'm not gay, my power is power. get a gun made in china. duh onyo. all my pets motocross jump to the moon. I won't do intravenous drugs, I believe in you, Jesus. I love to bowl.

The rules of Chadds - racism and sexism, wink, don't think, the force is a brotherhood.

Time to bide a delicious cup of coffee composing an e-mail to my ex-girlfriend. I stalk my exes (on the internet), golly gotta do stuff.

It's fall now. The heartland, the friendly old ladies, the haunted darkness. oh, mr. plunkett what I wouldn't give to smoke you. don't look at me! hold the line, the acumen!

For the record, the dogs that are my friends, we love you, Brustaski banana boye. album cover: the bottom half of your face. that's a nice grill (sexual encouragement for men.)

“Very Good to Call You” with Ricky Volbante. landscaping ad, the immigrant song, a scene from "click.” The drunk driving song (the ballad of guy fieri, car man.) This song sounds terrible, something terribly offensive. bunk.

waddatetusaydadeedahdum. Relay signal return turbulence. The bugs are back. New sheriff, please give me back my body. What did you do with my wife? my prize terrarium, manbits, two scoops! my 30th birthday, a bear bones house, a wooden dress, (the fans are alright.) Rob College’s College Gym. The chef with no concept of time, the stand up band purgatory. The Federal Sports Protection Commission Emporia supermarket blood pressure reader...

Sweet little Kevin, good natured pizza delivery boy who shrugs his shoulders a lot... how’s your fiancee? I got tampons, the bleeding drug. Jesus on the cross.

Dundarious Redripulin, insane man at a coffee shop, the hero of the diner, my robot messiah. The Trial of Tom Everett, trials sermon on the mount. Judgement: a human crush the beautiful american farm. Rob College, the very dumb poet. social media manicurist / altar boy. Rob under quarantine.

Steamy creamy crazy lords of the orb fuck the kids, Baloney & Figgs, Rodey the long haired chef, the RCT killer, the strangerman. Two Man Gay Bobsled Self Defense Class: Mini Mysteries with Detective Jack BB, my YA novel.

Ronnie McDonnie is black? That's not what my mommy said! Vote Bimstar!