Minute Hour

is downloading your data... is making soup... is testing your relationships... says... "It’s the SUMMER OF PORRIDGE!" can teach a man to drink, but can’t teach him to drink water. likes that superhero that’s good in the water... anchorman. has a jism blanket. is making tactical tuning forks... invented the pre-cum olympics. is always peeing. is fishin’ for a nickel... says... "Foam Starts Fires."

The Minute Hour is a man who has made a bunch of whacky audio bits over the years that have occasionally been animated by collaborating artists.

The Mighty Lighthouse is a printed collection of art and writing that comes from TMH listener submissions. Alternating issues are compiled by TMH and MoxieFamous. Moxie does all the printing in house, and it’s published/mailed as a quarterly zine.

Signal Return is like if The Mighty Lighthouse was an audio/visual transmission from a bunker. Same contributors as the zine, different submissions. Alternating episodes compiled by TMH and MoxieFamous.

CHUNK is our printing and publishing service – we work with independent artists to physically produce and mail out their work. There is a new release every month.

There’s lots of stuff here to enjoy. Look for more in the future.