Minute Hour

is downloading your data... is making soup... is testing your relationships... says... "It’s the SUMMER OF PORRIDGE!" can teach a man to drink, but can’t teach him to drink water. likes that superhero that’s good in the water... anchorman. has a jism blanket. is making tactical tuning forks... invented the pre-cum olympics. is always peeing. is fishin’ for a nickel... says... "Foam Starts Fires."

The Minute Hour is a man who has made a bunch of whacky audio bits over the years that have occasionally been animated by collaborating artists.

The Mighty Lighthouse is a printed collection of art and writing that comes from TMH listener submissions. Alternating issues are compiled by TMH and MoxieFamous. Moxie does all the printing in house, and it’s published/mailed as a quarterly zine.

Signal Return is like if The Mighty Lighthouse was a midnight Public Access show. Same contributors as the zine, different submissions. Alternating episodes compiled by TMH and MoxieFamous.

There’s lots of stuff here to enjoy. We make it because it’s fun. Look for more in the future.