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Hey man, what happened to the teespring store? Need to buy more logo shirts so that I never need to wear other shirts again!

I stopped using Teespring because I was getting really unhappy with their service. I put up those replica tank tops of the guy’s shirt in the grill video, and even after having them listed for 3 months, they never once had any Mediums, Larges, or Extra-Larges available. They were also starting to take 3 weeks […]

So all of the content in The Mighty Lighthouse is user submitted? How do I find out who any of the artists are?

There is a page or two of credits on the last or back page of every issue of TML – but there is NOT a main directory for all the artists who have submitted over the years… that’s a good idea! We’ll add one of those to this site. Question submitted by: Chris hollis

What happened to your content on Spotify?

They took all my shit down, that’s what happened! I got that email in September 2022. They didn’t specify what section had been violated, though I can safely assume it has something to do all the copyrighted music I use for TMH. Anyway, I wasn’t getting any revenue from the podcasts page, so I don’t […]

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

My plan would be to order something I’m allergic to cause it might buy me some time. You can’t kill a man having an allergic reaction, that’s inhumane! Unfortunately, I don’t have any food allergies because I am a perfect genetic specimen, which should excuse me from death row entirely. Question submitted by: Sharon Hankins

How did you get to be so good at voice acting? Was much of it from any sort of structured training or classes? Or is it more something that you achieved naturally on your own?

Hey thanks for saying I’m good! I did musical theater in high school, I guess that was “training” in the sense that there was an instructor. Mainly I have been doing acting for little comedy videos and audios since I was a pre-teen, so I’m very used to it. That’s a decent part of it, […]

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