TMH 3 Year Zip

Just uploaded a zip of all the TMH content from the past 3 years, plus patreon stuff from during that time, and other extras too! almost 6 hours of audio total and it’s all FREE!

This zip includes MP3s of The Shoebody Bop, Markus & Minkus, and all the Computer Music albums. It’s also got the Car Man kazoo themes, and the SubAtomaTV chant. It’s all the TMH audio from the past 3 years. And if you pair that up with the 5 Year Package (also free) you will have the entire TMH catalog on your harddrive.

AND IF YOU’RE STILL READING, YOU CAN ALSO *BUY* THE COMPUTER MUSIC CD! everything on the CD is included in this zip, so you don’t have to, but it’s worth it for the super fresh packaging put together by MoxieFamous.

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