Diverge by Bingdom, Iodine, & KrotoR

DIVERGE – How one man became death.

2017 GMC Jam Award Winner

You were always an unusual child; lonely, quiet. Never had many friends, but always so curious and inquisitive.
Unbeknownst to you, a watchful eye was kept for all these years on you until you approached your pitiful young adulthood; lonely and sad.
One night, as you laid down to sleep though, you did not wake up in your bed.
Everything was green. You couldn’t breathe.
You smash your way out of your glass prison, and a power surges through you; an uneasy, cold feeling of duality.
Life… death… You are both.

Use your new-found powers to secure your freedom!



WASD to move, Space to shift between your living and ghostly form, E to interact.
Press F1 to enter fullscreen.

BEWARE: scientists and guards will attack you in human form, but as a ghost they cannot see you.
In ghost form, be wary of lights. Any form of light, e.g lamps, or guards headlights, will burn you to a crisp.
Importantly, be sure not to transform back to a human while inside a wall/vent as you will die.


  • Programming – Bingdom
  • Soundtrack & Level Design – Iodine Iris
  • Graphics & Sprites – KrotoR

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