The Serial Adventures of Dick Jack BB

I wrote a visual novel/choose-your-own-adventure type game about mr. mini mystery himself, Dick Jack BB.

A bunch of very talented people pulled it together in a little over a weekend. It came out really really good, and it’s free so check it out.

Click here to play in browser!

Episode One – The Montebello Dance and Dump Ball

Detective Jack BB is a down and outer.
He’s a hasbeen. Worse yet, a neverwas.
He’s a fool, and a liar.
He drinks, he smokes.
He spits.
The guy is a real jerk.

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Guide Detective Jack BB through a complex criminal empire….use your wit and savvy to mentally beat the sh** out of your opponents….drink delicious mixed drink cocktails…learn the ultimate truth of life and the universe…?

this is episode 1 of the serial adventures of Jack BB.

play time: ~20min

controls: keyboard – up/down/space

RUDE/CRUDE HUMOR – not for kids. unless you’re a really cool kid.


  • programming – tardy huntington
  • scripting / bpc attack theme – bubba coolguy
  • art – psychoskull
  • sound fx – april sampson
  • music – antonio prola
  • story/writing – the minute hour
5 replies
  1. HansMario
    HansMario says:

    Best weird backalley internet game ive drunkenly stumbled upon. Inspiring work for a graphic designer|artist such as myself. Weirdness and surealism is a hard nut to develope into a working and interesting concept without going off the deep end. Love it. Keep it up you guys.

  2. AluminumChassis
    AluminumChassis says:

    do you think i’m happy when i lay in bed at night
    do you think i’m happy with the way i live my life
    everything i said to you turns out it wasnt true
    every night in bed is when i pay for what i do

    go ahead tell everybody
    all the things you hate about me
    i dont care what they think
    not with where im goin

    soon yes very soon i’ll travel far away from here
    to a place where all my problems up and disappear

    go ahead tell everybody
    theres nothing you cant say honey
    i dont care what they think
    not with where im goin

    soon yes very soon im gonna buy myself a gun
    press it to my temple test the trigger just for fun
    when you hear a boom a splat all followed by a crunch
    then youll know how bad i feel for the things ive done

    do you think im happy when i lay in bed at night
    do you think im happy with the way i live my life
    soon you’ll get a front row seat to my bloody demise
    would that make you happy would it make you feel alive
    would it make you happy if i killed myself tonight

  3. Four Mile Circus
    Four Mile Circus says:

    Well, thats my first digital dick sucked, another milestone made. Great game, Jack BB is a reprobate, a wild crazy sonnovagun. Really enjoyed it, i did a video of my lets play, I hope you don’t mind!


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