TMH Merch now available!

Reddit user obi1kenobi1 made a great post about future merch for TMH – and it gave me some ideas.

MERCH – In March, I’m going to be buying the first BIG BOY round of merch. I’m planning on getting Stickers (TMH Logo/Trials Mega Sticker), Window Clings (Probably just the logo) and Posters (Probably just the Mega Sticker design). I like these to start with, they’re pretty universal and easy enough to get made. I’m also looking at pins, does anybody want pins?

In a few months, when I’ve accrued some more Patreon money, I will get some T-shirts. Right now I like the banner image on FB for a shirt, but I’m open to suggestions.

DISTRIBUTION – I figure there will be two ways of purchasing the merch. You can either buy an item directly, or sign up for my Patreon. The idea will be that each patreon donation tier will automatically get you merch. Something like,

  • $1 – Stickers
  • $5 – Stickers + Window Cling
  • $10 – Stickers + Window Cling + Poster

If you choose to donate $1, you get the stickers sent to you immediately. If you stay subscribed for 5 months, you’ll get a window cling automatically. 10 months and you’ll get the poster. Pretty simple.

THIS ALSO COUNTS RETROACTIVELY! When I get this stuff made I will automatically mail merch out to people who have donated on Patreon/Youtube.

I’m going to push this system pretty hard. I think the Patreon will seem a lot more valuable if people are getting actual, physical stuff – and I’m committed to making it as good a deal for you guys as possible. All the Patreon money I receive goes towards funding merch production / other TMH improvements – so I’m be happy if I break even. I’ll have to put my own money into this first big run, but I’m confident it will pay for itself over time.

DOWN THE LINE – I would like to get into some niche TMH physical media for the higher payment thresholds. This will be for the die-hards who have been making contributions for awhile, and may not be purchasable outside of continued support on Patreon. I like the idea of a really well put together TMH CD Box Set. I’m very into that, but that will take awhile to get together in a high quality way. I also want to do a sort of Extended Universe Serial Mailer for all patrons past a certain payment threshold. I don’t want to go too much into what that means, but I’m imagining a variety of monthly physical media. Small stuff, but stuff you won’t see anywhere else.

That’s what I have so far! Let me know if you have any thoughts about this.

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