Check it out, bro. Whole new TMH site. It’s got lots of fun features.

NEW! Games! Browser games created by members of the TMH_TML community!

NEW! Interactive FAQ! Submit questions and I may answer!

NEW! Listen page! A radio that only plays TMH.

NEW! Animations page! Like the listen page, but with a TV.

NEW! Submit page! You can submit to The Mighty Lighthouse and Signal Return through this website.

IMPROVED! Zines! The zine reader looks nicer and loads faster.

IMPROVED! Generally, everything. And we will continue improving things as time goes on.

This was all made possible by Carter Lovelace from Strategy Lab. He reached out a few months ago and built this awesome website for us. It’s a place to feature all the fantastic work the TMH_TML community has put together.

I hope you will SUBMIT and ENJOY.

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